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Get packed has recently introduced the EnviroBubble to its range of bubble wrap products which is the 1st degradable Air Bubble Cushioning in the world. The new revolutionary EnviroBubble has TDPA (Totally Degradable plastic Additives) blended into the resins during production which will help break down the bubble wrap after use in the presence of moisture, micro-organisms, oxygen and water. EnviroBubble is perfect for application where the protection of bubble wrap is needed for a short period of time (up to a year) with the added benefit of protecting the planet as it reduces landfill and green house gas effects.

Oxo-biodegradation is a two-stage process in which, first the plastic is converted by reaction with oxygen to molecular fragments that are water wettable and second, these smaller oxidized molecules are biodegraded (converted into carbon dioxide, water and biomass, by microorganisms).

TDPA® additives are formulated in a range of formulations and incorporated at various let down ratios to accommodate a variety of shelf life/service lives and degradation rates. By understanding the environment and conditions in which the final product will be stored and used, the proper additive and percentage needed
to manufacture a high quality product with desired performance characteristics and degradability can be recommended.
Yes. Recycling in-plant materials (trimmings, scrap, etc.) is entirely possible and is regularly practised by EPI's licensees globally, also Recycling post-consumer degradables is entirely possible if they are based on TDPA®
technology, and provided they have not already started to degrade.
Polyethylene (PE) containing TDPA® additives has been tested extensively and confirmed to leave no harmful or toxic residues after oxidation and biodegradation. The products of biodegradation include carbon dioxide
(CO2), water (H2O) and biomass, which is primarily the cells of the microorganisms that were responsible for the biodegradation of the disposed product. The products formed during commercial composting were shown to have no negative effects in standard seed germination, plant growth, earthworm and Daphnia ecotoxicity tests. There is no accumulation of residual polymer, polymer fragments or other organic materials. The compost produced has been shown to meet the standards for premium quality.

In specific PLA (Polylactic Acid) starch based technology, the plastic is derived from plant starch. Though this sounds reasonable it has implications including:

  1. Use of fossil fuels to produce the product
  2. Rapid release of C02 limiting humus production
  3. High costs compared to commodity PE, PP and PS blended with TDPA.dioxide, water and biomass, by microorganisms).
The TDPA additive will initially be introduced to Sancell EnviroBubble Void-Fill product strengthening its reputation as one of the most effective and versatile void fill products in the market.

Step 1:

TDPA – (Totally degradable plastic additives) are blended into the resins during production.


Step 2:

Mechanisms that trigger this process of oxidative degradation
are heat input and sunlight (UV light).


Step 3:

These products will break down in the presence of moisture,micro-organisms, oxygen and soil.


Our new EnviroProtecta Bags are the first degradable EPI Protective mailer mailing bag on the market. EnviroProtecta Bags are the environmentally friendly alternative in padded mailer bags with 100% bubble coverage.

100% Degradable EnviroBubble technology reduces
landfill volume, plastic pollution
and greenhouse gas effects
Environmentally friendly
Strength Tear and puncture resistance Superior protection and reusable
100% LPDE Recyclable product and reusable Environmentally friendly
Non-slip surface Prevents goods from moving in transit Reduces damage
Custom Printing High Quality Professional finish Brand Recognition
Air Retention Bubble will not go flat Products are protected through
the entire distribution cycle
Cushioning Secures product in transit Protects goods from external damage
Customs Sizes Can be made to suit your application Reduce packaging costs and provide intimate protection
ISO accreditation Consistent performance Customer confidence and security
Labelling Allows for easy labeling and marking Identification of package
Controlling prodcut life Reduces landfill waste TDPA additives allow bags to degrade at a specific rate
5-SPEV1- T 151mm 220mm 50mm 1 X 350 bags
5-SPEV3- T 210mm 270mm 50mm 1 X 200 bags
5-SPEV5- T 241mm 345mm 50mm 1 X 150 bags
5-SPEVS- T 265mm 375mm 50mm 1 X 100 bags
5-SPEV6- T 304mm 400mm 50mm 1 X 100 bags
5-SPEV7- T 360mm 470mm 50mm 1 X 75 bags
5-SPEVLITE 1 151mm 220mm 50mm 1 X 350 bags
5-SPEVLITE 3 210mm 270mm 50mm 1 X 200 bags
5-SPEVLITE 5 241mm 345mm 50mm 1 X 150 bags
5-SPEVLITE S 265mm 375mm 50mm 1 X 100 bags
5-SPEVLITE 6 304mm 400mm 50mm 1 X 100 bags
5-SPEVLITE 7 360mm 470mm 50mm 1 X 75 bags
5-SPEVCD 200mm 175mm 50mm 1 X 300 bags
5-SPBEV0 250mm 185mm 30mm 1 X 250 bags
5-SPBEV1 280mm 230mm 30mm 1 X 170 bags
5-SPBEV2 300mm 280mm 30mm 1 X 125 bags
5-SPBEV3 345mm 300mm 30mm 1 X 100 bags
5-SPBEV4 390mm 345mm 30mm 1 X 100 bags

Sancell prides itself on offering strength, durability, and high quality through out its Protecta Bag range making us the best value for money bag in the market.

Sancell’s custom CD and DVD bags are a cost effective and convienient solution to suit your packaging requirements.

Why not increase your brand awareness and promote your business through our professional custom printing.

Sancell's film offers a quality print finish for all corporate logo's and artwork requirements.

Side Opening Protecta Bags have side perforations where the flap can be folded down to provide extra protection to goods.

Get Packed Bubblewrap

Envirobubble Rolls

EnviroBubble bubblewrap is perfect for all applications where the protection of bubble wrap is needed for a short period of time (up to one year) with the added benefit of being environmentally friendly and reusable.
The bubble wrap rolls are available in various thicknesses (single or twin skin), widths and lengths, all of which can be slit into smaller rolls (that is, cut into 2, 3 or 4+ in a roll). The minimum width for slit rolls is 100mm. The rolls of bubble wrap are available in three bubble profiles: 10mm, 20mm and 30mm.
Get Packed can also arrange for the rolls of EnviroBubble to be perforated at regular intervals (minimum perforation is 100mm) and to be printed on.
Anti-static bubble wrap is also available from Get Packed.

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Get Packed Envirobubble Rolls

Bubblewrap Dispensers

Our range of Bubble wrap dispensers are available to suit a range of sizes of Bubble wraps as well as being available in bench mounts, free standing dispensers as well as wall mounted dispensers. See our List of Sizes for details.

Cryovac Shrink Film LIST OF SIZES
Get Packed Bubblewrap Dispenser

Ultra Wide Envirobubble Sheets

The Ultra wide EnviroBubble sheets are an environmentally friendly sheet of bubble wrap that is available in widths up to 4.2m wide with a maximum length of 50m. These ultra wide bubble sheets are ideal for covering and protecting items such as furniture, tables, shower and bathroom products, flooring, kitchen bench tops and any large item or product that requires the protective cushioning of bubble wrap. The ultra wide EnviroBubble sheets have the added benefit of being 100% oxo-biodegradable as well as being re-useable and recyclable.

Cryovac Shrink Film LIST OF SIZES


Ultra Wide Envirobubble Sheets

Handiwrap Perforated Sheets

Perforated Bubblewrap Sheets - Office Rolls
HandiWrap is a small roll (75m) of EnviroBubble bubblewrap that has been perforated every 400mm – therefore providing sheets of 400mm x 375mm, with 10mm bubbles – in a dispenser box. It is ideal for around the office for wrapping small objects or covering surfaces to prevent damage in transit.

Cryovac Shrink Film LIST OF SIZES

Get Packed Handiwrap

Envirobottle Bags

EnviroBottle bags are environmentally friendly and are made specifically to hold and protect bottles whilst carrying and transporting. The EnviroBottle bag is made from bubble wrap that is 100% Oxo-biodegradable and features an easy carry handle which can hold 1 or 2 bottles due to a cushioned divider, as well as resealable tape in some bags. The advantages of the EnviroBottle bag include minimal environmental impact, protects goods from external damage as well as minimising damage to your own product and is tear and puncture resistant. The EnviroBottle bag is available in a single bottle carry bag and double bottle carry bag as well as a single travel wine bag.

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Envirobottle bag

Enviro Protecta and Enviro Protecta-Lite Bags

EnviroProtecta and EnviroProtecta-Lite bags are an environmentally friendly alternative to the traditional padded mailer. The EnviroProtecta bag comes in a shiny finish and is available in both end opening and side opening versions, whislt the EnviroProtecta-Lite bag comes in a matt finish which enhances its writeability and labelling capability and is available in end opening only. Both environmentally friendly bags have been created from an oxo-degradable product which ensures it will break down in landfill conditions whilst still being recyclable and reusable. Both bags feature a high slip inner surface to enable easy loading and packing as well as tamper evident seals, and a triple layer bubble with padded flap. Whilst standard sizes are available, custom sizing or printing is available upon request with minimum orders.

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Enviro Protecta Bags

Adhesive Backed Bubble Wrap

This product is suitable for use with most surfaces in most circumstances, but as we have no way of knowing the nature of the surface to which it will be applied or the circumstances in which it will be applied - therefore samples of the product would be made available on request for the purposes of testing the application. As such the suitability of this product will always be the responsibility of the customer.

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Adhesive Backed Bubble Wrap


EnviroTube in an environmentally friendly continuous bubble wrap tubing that protects your product for sale, storage and transport. It is available in either a standard 200mm opening with 50m of length – which allows users to cut the bubble wrap tube to the desired length. It can also be custom made to suit your required dimensions with perforations for easy tearing. EnviroTube features a high slip inner surface that allows for easy loading and packing which will save you time in cutting and packing and ultimately money. EnviroTube in made from 100% oxo-biodegradable bubblewrap which means the environmental impact is minimal, but also has the strength to provide consistent performance and quality.

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Get Packed Enviro Tube


ProtectaWrap is an environmentally friendly furniture bubblewrap which offers superior cushioning, surface and edge protection which makes it perfect for storage and transport. It is moisture resistant, tear and puncture resistant and has the added benefit of being fully recyclable and reusable. ProtectaWrap is made of 10mm non-abrasive bubblewrap, is available in light, regular and heavy grades, and comes in rolls of 1.5m width x 100m length. For a high quality finish Get Packed can also arrange for custom printing of your company logo.

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Get Packed Bubblewrap

Bubble Bags

Bubble bags are available in clear, Enviro and anti static options as well as a variety of laminates for superior surface protection. They are available in a standard range of sizes or can be made to order with a minimum depth of 100mm through to a maximum of 1.5m and a minimum opening of 100mm through to a maximum of 10m. As the bubble bags are available in a large range of sizes it makes them  an ideal packaging solution for both large and small bubble bag applications from furniture covers, sporting equipment and electrical goods as well as jewellery, computer parts and stationery. They also have the added benefit of being 100% oxo-biodegradable therefore not only providing bubble protection for your goods, but also friendly to the environment.

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Get Packed Bubblewrap

Cut Bubble Wrap Sheets

Get Packed now supplies new improved Cut Sheets of loose or perforated sheets of bubble wrap which are also environmentally friendly. The Cut bubble wrap sheets are ideally suited for chocolate boxes, biscuit tins, Easter eggs or any goods where protective bubble packaging is required. The new cut sheets now offer a higher level of quality in not only the product but greater consistency in sizing and lower tolerance in size variations. They are available in widths from 100mm through to 1.5m and lengths from 100mm through to 10m and also available in a variety of bubble sizes, grades, lamination and specifications. They also have the added benefit of reducing plastic pollution as well as minimising damage to your product


Cut Bubble Wrap Sheets

Fruit Pads

The fruit pads are a tissue lined bubble used mainly for stone fruit. This provides cushioning for the fruit whilst absorbing excess moisture.

Get Packed Fruit Pads
Get Packed Fruit Pads

Bubble Tubes

Bubble wrap tubes are custom made to any size to assist with your packaging needs. They are an ideal solution providing greater work efficiency and reducing OH & S issues.


Get Packed Bubble Tubes

Anti Static Bubblewrap

The Anti-static bubblewrap is made of a static dissipative material providing the utmost protection of bubble as well as protecting against static build up. It has a bubble profile of 10mm. Anti static bubble bags are also available to be made to order.

Anti Static Bubble Wrap

Custom Orders

Get Packed has available a range of products previously mentioned that are able to be custom ordered or printed. Orders that may be cancelled do not incur a charge, except when the orders are in the process of being made. In this event a charge may be applied for processing or any completed goods up to the point of cancellation.